August 17, 2018
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Title Created Date
Snap Shot editor granted bail 03 July 2012
Burma tightens control on press freedom: report 29 June 2012
Judge rejects request to move Voice libel suit 21 June 2012
Court rules The Voice doesn’t have to reveal name of journalist 23 May 2012
Burmese government to end prior censorship: reports 15 May 2012
Rights groups: Asian media freedoms under fire 04 May 2012
End censorship in Burma: media group 04 May 2012
Newspaper refuses to reveal reporter’s name in gov’t suit 30 April 2012
Burmese censors warn two political journals 27 March 2012
Burmese journalists win first national journalism awards 19 March 2012
Burma’s press reform will be ‘evolutionary process’ 19 March 2012
The Voice to be sued after alleging ministries’ errors 14 March 2012
New Burmese media law postponed 06 February 2012
Sections of proposed media law modeled on Vietnam 31 January 2012
Burma’s censorship dep’t to be abolished? 27 January 2012
Press allowed to report with restraints in Mandalay Region Assembly 09 November 2011
Exile voices in demand among domestic journals 22 October 2011
Burmese journalists covering Parliament are focus of inquires 07 October 2011
Journalists’ group voices concern over media restrictions in Burma 20 September 2011
Internet cafes ordered to keep tabs on users 08 February 2010

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