August 18, 2018
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International media go live from Myanmar

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Japan’s NHK and USA’s AP join the list of foreign news agencies opening bureaus in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Information has announced that Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, and US-based wire service Associated Press have been granted permits to open bureaus in the country.

“We are now examining the application of another Japan-based media group, Kyodo News, which also wishes to open a branch in Myanmar,” said a spokesperson from the Ministry.

Other major foreign media, including Voice of America (VOA), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Radio Free Asia (RFA), opened bureaus in Yangon in mid-2012.

Kyaw Kyaw, an official from RFA’s Myanmar branch, said that his department has 40 staff. “In the past, we had to ask permission from [headquarters in] Washington to travel to the Thai or Chinese borders to get information on Myanmar. Now we can be closely in contact with our sources.

“The benefit of working together with international media organizations is that we will be able to ascertain truthful information. The government will also benefit if they learn how to use the media correctly,” he said.

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