June 25, 2018
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80% errors detected in ethnic Mon census entries

Mi Khin Lay Myint, member of the Ethnic Mon Census Committee, revealed on September 26 that more than 80% ethnic Mons have been wrongly categorized in the census that was conducted in the past.

She added that they previously estimated about 50% errors but further examinations have revealed more than 80% errors in entries made in the census.

The primary objective behind the ethnic Mon census in Yangon region is to get an ethnic Mon Affairs Minister in the next Yangon region government after the 2015 general elections.

As per provisions of the 2008 Constitution, an ethnic race may have representation in regional or state government if their total population is more than 0.1% of the total population in their respective states and regions.

Ethnic Mon census recording began in the first week of July and will be completed in December. Mi Khin Lay Myint also said that the estimated population of ethnic Mons in Yangon region is about 150000.

Nai Min Thaung Shin, member of the census committee, said that field surveys conducted in the past wrongly recorded ethnic Mons as ethnic Bamar in their house registrations and some have been wrongly categorized as ethnic Karens.

Another member of the committee, Nai Khin Maung Maung, said that in their pilot census recording project only 10 out of 30 households were correctly registered as Mons.

Min Soe Aung, Managing Director of the Ethnic Mon Census Committee informed that census experts were hired to train the staff and volunteers for 2 days in August.

The committee facilitated ethnic Mon census in Yangon region by hiring staff and volunteers in each township.

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