November 15, 2019
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Nippon Foundation pledges development programs in DKBA areas

The Nippon Foundation has announced that they will carry out development programs in DKBA controlled areas.

They have had discussions with representatives from DKBA, KNU/KNLA (PC), Backpackers Health Worker Team (BPHWT).

Colonel Saw San Aung, the Operation Commander of DKBA Klo Htoo Baw Strategic Command said, “They will be helping us to get purified water, electricity, health and education which is essential in our region. They approached us since U Aung Min, Vice Chairman of the Union Peace-making Work Committee, requested them to help out
organizations that are not under the United Nationalities Federation Council (UNFC).”

Imoto and three representatives of the Nippon Foundation met with General Saw La Phwae from DKBA. They also took an assessment trip to the DKBA Headquarter in Sone See Myaing in Kayen state.

The Kayen residents have to draft and submit a development program proposal. The grants will be based on the programs submitted.

“They inquired if we have received aid or support from other organizations. We responded that we have not”, said Saw San Aung.

The Nippon Foundation has donated 400 rice bags to DKBA at Pha Ann Township. They have donated rice and medical supplies to the New Mon State Party (NMSP), Kayen National Union (KNU), Kayenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), Chin National Front (CNF), Democratic Kayen Buddhist Army (DKBA), and  Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS/SSA).

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