November 15, 2019
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Minister Soe Thein to resolve civil societies registration delays

Minister U Soe Thein said that he will personally resolve delays in registration of civil societies on August 25 at the Myanmar Peace Center in Yangon.

He made the announcement in response to a query by U Win Naing Oo from CAD Rural Development Organization at a meeting between Union Ministers and Local/International civil societies for rural development.

“We have registered but we do not have the papers yet. All they have to do is to give us the registration card if they really want to carry out the rural development and work to alleviate poverty. We cannot receive funds without a registration card. Moreover, donors hesitate if we do not have proper documentation”, said U Win Naing Oo at the meeting.

Minister U Soe Thein replied, “We understand the importance of the issue very well. We promise you that we will try our best to resolve the issue immediately. If you face any delays, you can approach me, U Aung Min or U Tin Naing Thein. You can also contact our Ministries and departments. Tell us when you have submitted your registration forms and let us find a solution to the issue together.”

Minister U Soe Thein also explained that in spite of being aware of the importance of issuing Registration cards, they were overloaded with monitoring work to approve the Draft Association Law.

A new law for civil societies has been tabled in the Parliament. Many civil societies have objections to some of the points in the Draft. And therefore, civil societies from all states and regions will release statements against the law if the Draft is approved.

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