January 21, 2020
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Residents petition ASEAN C-in-Cs to punish accused soldiers

Residents of Pyi have started a signature-campaign to submit a petition letter to Commander-in-Chiefs of ASEAN countries to protest against inaction in a case of murder and robbery, allegedly committed by three soldiers.

A leading member of the signature campaign said that they have already collected about 20000 signatures including the Yangon Free Funeral Service Society (FFSS) Chairman Kyaw Thu's. The signature campaign was started after a request from the families of the victims.

“Upon receiving a request from the families of the victims, the local people in Pyi city explored ways to help them and finally launched this campaign. They will feel better and encouraged when they see that they are not alone. All the family members were glad when U Kaw Thu lent his support by signing on the petition,” he said.

The Chairman of a civil society organization from Pyi said that they would try to collect signatures from MPs and legislators in Pyi city.

They would also send the petition to President Thein Sein on October 5.

In the petition, the people demand the identification of the culprits and actions against them in accordance with the law, to provide legal remedy to the families of the victims for their grievances and to guarantee that such crimes are not repeated.

The three soldiers allegedly murdered Zaw Min Oo at the View Point beach in Pyi city on April 23 and stole a ring from the woman who was with him, while she was unconscious after being beaten and strangulated.

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