August 15, 2018
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Meiktila residents to petition UEC for MP's dismissal

Win Htein, a former political prisoner and a member of the National League for Democracy. Photo: Mizzima

A group of residents from Meiktila Township will petition the Union Election Commission (UEC) to dismiss MP Win Htein (Lower House) of the National League for Democracy, from his position as MP of Meiktila.

Kyi Kyi Aye, one of the petitioners said that they began organizing the petition on September 7 and have collected more than 1000 signatures in two days. She added that the petition will be submitted to the UEC within ten days.

Commenting on riot in Meiktila in March, Win Htein told a news journal, “(I) felt embarrassed to be a Meiktila-native.”

Kyi Kyi Aye pointed out that the remark is the primary cause of frustration among the people.

In response, Win Htein explained that he made the remark because he witnessed violence during the riot in Meiktila.

The residents said that they will submit the petition to the Union Election Commission (UEC) for Win Htein's dismissal, accusing him of failure to take the side of Meiktila residents.

Section 396 of the Constitution stipulates that an MP may be dismissed for, treason, breaching constitutional provisions, misconduct, inefficiency and dereliction of duty, and inability to fulfill eligibility criterion for MPs prescribed in the Constitution.

The Constitution further states that a minimum of one percent of the voters from the respective constituency may submit a complaint to the UEC against the MPs they wish to dismiss; the UEC shall conduct the investigation in accordance with the law, and the MP has the right to defend himself or herself.

MP Win Htein told Mizzma that he won by 68000 votes in the 2012 by-elections In response to the residents’ allegations, Win Htein said, “I made effort to construct schools in Meiktila and urged the municipality to repair roads; consequently, roads are in better condition now. They do not recognize my efforts. I cannot understand why they have alleged me of not being dutiful.”

Residents of Meiktila are also dissatisfied with his remark on protests against Tomas Quintana, the UN Special Envoy on Human Rights in Myanmar, during his visit to Meiktila.

Around 100 Meiktila residents wanted to stage a demonstration on September 5 against MP Win Htein, but the township administrative chief denied permission due to fear of unrest.

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