June 24, 2018
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Historical Photographs July 7, 1962

A booklet, Historical Photographs of the July 7 Student Demonstrations, has been published in commemoration of the July 7, 1962, ...

A booklet, Historical Photographs of the July 7 Student Demonstrations, has been published in commemoration of the 1962 uprising and subsequent murder of Burmese students and citizens who demonstrated against the revolutionary military council.

Mizzima is publishing a wide selection of the historical photographs that show the unfolding of an important moment in Burma’s history.  A general timeline of the uprising follows:

7-7-62. Takatha leads a peaceful demonstration against new restricted rules governing the students.

7-7-62. A peaceful march takes place from Convocation Hall along Chancellor Road.

Riot police with batons crackdown brutally on peaceful demonstrators. Some leading student group members are arrested.

7-7-62. Police use brutal force and tear-gas to disperse the crowd. Police positioned along Chancellor Road.

7-7-62. Students cannot control their anger and throw stones at police on Chancellor Road.

– Soldiers seal off the university campus and move against the peaceful student protesters.

– Three military trucks are loaded with dead bodies that are taken away and secretly buried.

8-7-62. More than 100 students are killed when police blow up the Student Union building with dynamite.

8-7-62 The dead students are secretly cremated. The university is closed.

– Universities are closed for more than 40 days and then reopened.

– Students successfully celebrate martyr Aung Kyaw Day on 20-12-62.

20-12-62. On Aung Kyaw Day, students close the main gate of Chancellor Road and demonstrate. They hang a picture of student martyr Bo Aung Kyaw at the top of the university gate.

07-07-63 A six-month memorial service is held for students who died in the bloody crackdown of 07-07-62.

14-01-63. A leading student group builds a Yarkyaw Student Movement Monument beside the Aung Kyaw Monument at Red Square overnight. During the opening ceremony of the Yarkyaw Monument, a fascist effigy is burnt.

07-02-63. A large student march along Chancellor Road.

10-02-63. Members of Students Rights Committee, executives of Social and Reading Associations and other formal groups gather for a 12-hour hunger strike and speeches.

07-02-63. Students show their frustration by burning a coffin.

07-03-63. Eight months after the July 7 incident, a few students hold a memorial service at the Student’ Movement monument.

10-03-63. Student leaders report on the brutal crackdown of 7 July to national leader Sayagyi Thakin Kodaw Hmaing.

01-04-63. Students open the gate that was previously blocked for a demonstration, as Rangoon University was closed for summer break.

07-07-63. Memorial service and donations are made after the release of imprisoned students at a makeshift temporary Union office.

07-07-63. A memorial service is held in front of the Student Movement Monument at Red Square.

Various publications, including posters, paintings, poems and articles are published by university students from 07-07-62 to 01-04-63.

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