August 22, 2018
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Universities to conduct Higher Education survey

A student in front of the Yangon University on December 20, 2012.

The University Teachers’ Association told Mizzima on August 28 that they will conduct a Higher Education policy survey with an aim to improve the standard of higher education in Myanmar.

The survey will begin in the last week of August and continue till September. The respondents of the survey will be teachers and students from 54 universities in Myanmar under the Department of Higher Education.

The questions in the survey will be based on implementation of development initiatives in the education system and the findings will support the National Education Policy significantly.

U Arkar Moe Thu, Central Committee member of the Dagon University Teachers’ Association said, “We will send the surveys to rectors of all the universities. Our primary aim is to understand the intentions and views of current teachers and students in universities.”

The survey will conducted in universities located in both Upper and Lower Myanmar. 4 University Teachers’ Associations from Yangon Division and 2 from Mandalay Division will manage the surveys.

“The survey results will be submitted to the President and the Ministry of Education”, U Arkar Moe Thu continued.
The questionnaire for the survey has 24 questions on educational policy. Respondents have to answer whether they 'Agree or Disagree'.

A sample of question from the survey inquires, “Universities can refuse to follow coercive rules of teaching imposed by government authorities. It can also, individually or collectively, restrict intrusion of the education sector by politics.”

Another one sates, “Universities around the country must have freedom and autonomy to draft its own rules and policies. The Universities can ask for funding from the Government and International Organizations for improvement of the education sector.”

The survey also stipulates that, “Every university should have a Student's Union building and students should be allowed to hold meetings, have discussions and air their opinion liberally.

Furthermore, lectures and speeches by external professors can be held in accordance with academic rules of the University Council.”

Daw Haung Sai from National Network of Education Reform (NNER) said that the survey for higher education policy will help the Universities in Myanmar to assert their freedom of expression.

“University Councils should be fully autonomous and free from any government interference. No authority has the right to impose their rules in the education sector. Education should be given freedom”, she said.

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