June 25, 2018
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Student Associations object inflated admission marks

Students Associations announced their objection to the inflation of entrance marks required for students seeking admission to Yangon and Mandalay Universities from the 2013-14 academic session, on August 25.

The Yangon and Mandalay University will admit only students who have secured high marks when it re-opens. 15 students per subject will be admitted 20 Arts and Science departments in Yangon and Mandalay University. The two universities will admit 300 students, respectively.

A student should secure a minimum of 71% or 430 out of the total of 600 marks in the matriculation exam to be eligible for admissions into Yangon and Mandalay University. Some of the popular subjects have marks cut-off of 490 to 500 marks.

The All Burma Students Union, University Students Association and Committee for establishing Students Union Federation announced at the 'Discussion on upgradation in Yangon and Mandalay University ceremony' that only 300 students will be eligible for admissions to Yangon and Mandalay University based on marks secured in matriculation exams.

“We found out that the upgradation of Yangon and Mandalay University is not based on a realistic educational policy. We strongly object to this illogical inflation of admission criteria in the name of educational excellence”, said Ko Min Maung from the Committee for establishing Students Union Federation.

The Students' Union said excellence in education can be achieved when education is inclusive and made available to all students equally. Secondly, private universities that are administered independently should be made autonomous. Thirdly students should have the freedom to choose what they wish to study further after they finish Basic Education.

“The advancement of education should take all students into consideration. The eligiblity marks required for admission to Yangon and Mandalay University for the 2014-15 academic year will only admit a couple of privileged students. There will also have negative implications among students as there is no transparency”, said Daw Thu Thu Mar, member of National Network of Education Reform (NNER).

“Allowing University admission to only 300 students is unfair. It is a mere show-off and mockery of the education by the Ministry of Education. I hereby, strongly object to it”, said U Arkar Moe Thu, Central Committee member from Dagon University Teachers’ Association.

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