July 22, 2018
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Education lead worst performing Ministries

The Parliament Affairs Committee of the Government’s Guarantees, Pledges and Undertakings Vetting Committee issued a report on various Ministries' commitments regarding performance targets in the last fiscal year. As per the report, the Ministry of Education has failed to meet its targets, making it the worst performing Ministry.

The report further says that various Ministries have failed to execute over a thousand tasks after committing to do so. The Ministry of Education has failed on 220 counts. There are educational initiatives that are yet to be completed and quality of some of them are questionable.

The Ministers and Deputy Ministers of various Ministries made pledges in the Parliament to take up certain initiatives when Members of Parliament raised questions on the backwardness of their constituencies.

The Parliament Affairs Committee of the Government’s Guarantees, Pledges and Undertakings of Vetting inspects and analyzes various Ministries' competence to fulfill their commitments on time. They then issue a report that is submitted to the Parliament.

The Committee reported their findings to the Parliament on pledges and commitments made by Ministers and Deputy Ministers during the last two and half years. However, the Committee has not provided details of the Ministry of Education's failure or the commitments made by its Ministers.

The Parliament has allotted MMK 800 billion to the Ministry of Education for the current fiscal year, in spite of their failure to meet performance targets.

The Ministry of Health is ranked second in the list of worst performing Ministries. The Parliament Affair Committee reported that the Ministry of Health had a total of 170 uncompleted tasks from the last financial year. The Health Ministry received MMK 500 billion allotment for current financial year.

Khin Saw Wei, member of the Parliament Affair Committee, said, “I think the failures of these Ministries are due to financial constraints and insufficient budget. The Parliament cut their budget allocation.”

On the other hand, another member of the Committee, MP Than Tun from Depayin constituency said, “Some of these unfinished works are not because of financial constraints but due to negligence, dereliction of duty and lack of seriousness to execute pledges made to the Parliament. I realized this from the deliberations at the Parliament by my fellow MPs.”

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