November 15, 2019
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Myanmar and American mountaineers to scale Mount Gamlan Razi

Myanmar and  American mountaineers in a press conference at Kandawgyi Palace hotel on August 11, 2013. (Photo: Hein Htet / Mizzima)

In a bid to prove that Mount Gamlan Razi is higher than Mount Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar and American mountaineers will scale Mount Gamlan Razi, said Paw Myint Oo, CEO of the Htoo Foundation.

The mountaineering expedition sponsored by the Htoo Foundation will take place on August 15.

According to a topographic map from 1945, drawn by the US and Russia, it is learnt that Mount Gamlan Razi is 90 feet higher than Mount Hkakabo Razi. Mount Hkakabo Razi is currently the highest peak in Myanmar. So, through the expedition the mountaineers intend to make history, said an official from the Htoo Foundation.

The two Myanmar climbers are Win Ko Ko and Pyae Phyo. They will ascend Mount Gamlan Razi located in Myanmar-Tibet border with five climbers from the US. Modern GPS system will be used to measure the height of the mountain.

After discussions with the American mountaineers, authorities will make arrangements to appoint world conservationists for the protection of natural reserves around Hkakabo Razi.

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