June 24, 2018
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Seminars in 2002

Recent Activities of Mizzima News (2002)

Video Journalism Training July 29-31, 2002

Mizzima News organized a three day Video Documentary Training as a basic course for selected Burma media persons in exile in India. The training, which aims to equip necessary video documentary skills and knowledge, was attended by eleven participants including those from Mizzima News who are working on Mizzimas Video Section. The resource person was Indias well-known documentary film maker Mr. Amar Kanwar. During the training, the participants learnt how to use video & audio equipments, how to conceptualize the film, and how to edit the film. The training was held at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi from July 29 to 31, 2002. Except two journalists from Manipur State of India, all the other participants are from Burma community in India.

Challenges of Democracy in South Asia August 31, 2002

A one-day seminar on Challenges of Democracy in South Asia was organized under the banner of South Asian Forum for Democracy. Mizzima News, along with Indian human rights organizations, co-sponsored the seminar which was held on August 31, 2002 at Gandhi Peace Foundation in New Delhi. The seminar was participated by human rights and democracy activists from India, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh and other interested individuals. Dr. Tint Swe, Member of Parliament from Burma and a senior Minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) spoke at the seminar on the current political developments in Burma. Mr. Soe Myint, Chief Editor of the Mizzima News presented a paper on Burma background and India-Burma relationship. Representatives from Burma community in India also participated in the seminar.

Peoples Forum Burma Youth and Today August 12, 2002

As a part of efforts to bring together the Burma pro-democracy activists in India in discussing and consulting the issues concerned to Burma, Mizzima News organize a Discussion Forum for the Burma activists based in New Delhi. The discussion is held under the banner of Peoples Forum where all the Burma activists are invited to participate and discuss the common issues. As a first Peoples Forum, Mizzima News organized a discussion on Burma Youth and Today on August 12 the International Youth Day. Besides three main speakers who spoke on the situation of Burma youth inside and outside the country, Mizzima News was also able to obtain an address of U Sein Win, a well-known writer from Burma. The discussion was held at the Burmese Community Resource Center (BCRC) in New Delhi.

Print Journalism Training in New Delhi August 13-15, 2002

With the aim of expanding Burma Independent Media in exile and equipping the Burmese activists with media skills, Mizzima News has been organizing journalism training for the Burmese media persons in India in particular and Burma activists in general. The first print journalism training was held in New Delhi for the interested ten Burma activists and media personnel from August 13 to 15, 2002. The training, emphasizing on News Writing and Journalist Ethics, was held in Janak Puri, New Delhi. The resource person for the training was Thaw Zin Tun, Copy Editor of the Mizzima News. Thaw Zin Tun completed a four month-journalism course in June 2002 jointly organized by the Independent Journalist Foundation (USA) and Royal University of Phenon Pen (Cambodia).

Basic Journalism Training in New Delhi September 13-14, 2002

Second journalism training was organized by the Mizzima News on September 13-14, 2002 at Janak Puri, New Delhi. The Basic Journalism Training was specially organized for the Zomi (one of the minority nationalities of Burma) youth who are staying in New Delhi and border areas. It was jointly organized with Zomi National Union (ZNU).

Journalism Training in Aizawl, Mizoram September 21-23, 2002

In September-October, 2002, Mizzima News organized two journalism training particularly on information gathering, reporting and writing news for the Burma activists based in border areas of Burma.

The first was organized in Aizawl, Mizoram State of India from September 21-23, 2002 and it was held at Burma Lawyers Council Office. Total 18 participants from different Burma organizations including from the minority nationalities of Burma attended the training.

Journalism Training in Imphal, Manipur State October 1-3, 2002

The second journalism training for the Burma activists based in border areas was held in Imphal, Manipur State of India from November 1 to 3, 2002. Total 13 representatives from Burma pro-democracy organizations joined the training. Both of these training were conducted by Thaw Zin Tun.

Workshop on Human Rights & Self-Determination October 19-20

With the aim of debating on human rights issues, Mizzima News organized a two-day workshop on Human Rights and Self-Determination for some leaders of Burma pro-democracy organizations in India. The workshop was held in New Delhi from October 19 to 20, 2002 and the resource person was Indias well-known human rights lawyer Ms. Nandita Haksar. Some of the issues discussed and debated in the workshop are: International human rights standard setting, Debates within the human rights community, Right to self-determination under international law and Right to self-determination under Indian Constitution and South African Constitution.

DVB Media Conference July 2002

In July, 2002, Mizzima News participated at the DVB Media Conference held in Oslo, Norway. Thin Thin Aung, Director of the Mizzima News attended the media conference which was held in connection with Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)s tenth anniversary commemoration. The conference, attended by Burmas well-known journalists and international experts, highlighted the significance of the role of independent media in Burma.

Media Seminar in Thailand August 2002

Mizzima News joined with other exiled Burma media groups in a media-related meeting held in Thailand by the Burmese Relief Center (BRC) on August 26-29, 2002. Representing Mizzima News, its Copy Editor Thaw Zin Tun participated in the meeting and discussed the issues which are concerned to Burma media groups in exile. They also discussed for future co-operation among these Burma media organizations.

Peoples Forum Ethnic Nationalities of Burma November 2002

Mizzima News organized a discussion on Nationalities Question in Burma among the Burma activists in New Delhi on 6 November 2002. The discussion is a follow up of Mizzima News effort to bring this important issue of Burma into a constructive and meaningful dialogue among the exiled Burma activists. The four-hour discussion was organized at Maharaja Banquet in Janak Puri (West Delhi) with the participation of more than 50 activists belonging to Chin, Kachin, Arakan, Burman, Shan nationals.

The discussion was initiated by Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong, who is the Research Director of National Reconciliation Program (NRP) and Secretary of United Nationalities League for Democracy (UNLD). A publication of the discussion (in Burmese) is expected to come out in end of December 2002.

Mizzima News has also opened up a space in its website for the discussion of Nationalities Question issue on the Internet. It has produced a background paper on Nationalities Question (available on Mizzima website).

Strengthening Mizzima News and its Activities

For the last six months in 2002, while Mizzima News have been conducting training, seminars, workshops and meetings, it has been also working to promote the quality and quantity of its news and feature service. Besides extending its news sources and reporters in the countries bordering with Burma, Mizzima News has been strengthening its New Delhi Office with more members. In September, 2002, Mizzima News changed its website look to become neater and easily accessible.

It also continues to run the English Language Training School (ELTS) established for the Burma refugee students in New Delhi with the support of the London-based Prospects Burma. The school is situated in Janak Puri, New Delhi.

Activities in 2003

Beside the existing Internet news and feature service, Mizzima News plan to implement the following activities in 2003.

* Mizzima Publication: Burma File: A Question of Democracy
* Myanmar/Burma Update Meetings in India
* Monthly Mizzima Newspaper
* Burma Media Seminar in India
* Video Documentary Films on Burma
* Mizzima Publications (in Burmese and English) on Burma Issues
* Journalism Training and Internship for Burma activists in exile
* Peoples Forum for the discussions among Burma exiles
* Support for education of Burmese children and refugees in India

Mizzima Activities