August 17, 2018
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2,800 villages in Mandalay sign up for solar energy


The regional government office for Mandalay Division has said that more than 2,800 villages—half the total in rural Mandalay—have signed up for solar power as they currently live without electricity.

The regional government confirmed that it would be extending loans to individual villagers, and that one solar panel, which can power four light bulbs, will cost about 80,000 kyat (US$80).

“We are collecting lists of villagers who want to use the solar panel system,” said Dr. Myint Kyu, the Minister of Electricity and Technical Services for Mandalay Region.

“Most of these villagers have to rely on candlelight at night,” he added. “This is also a grave fire hazard. Solar panels give off more light and can recharge during the day.”

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