August 18, 2018
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Myanmar to introduce 1,500 kyat SIM cards

The country gets ready to go mobile phone crazy as calling suddenly becomes affordable.

SIM cards costing just 1,500 kyat (US$1.75) will go on sale in Myanmar from April 24, state TV announced on Wednesday evening. The previous price of a SIM card for a mobile phone was no less than 200,000 kyat ($230).

 Young Yangonites enjoy the multiple purposes of today's mobile phone. Photo: Ye Min / Mizzima
The new cards will include a prepaid top-up of 300 kyat, said the announcement.  

The CDMA-800 MHz system will initially be used, but in regions and states that do not have such facilities, WCDMA 3G SIM cards will also be sold at 1,500 kyat, said the broadcast.  

Calling rates are due to be charged at 50 kyat ($0.05) per minute, and incoming calls will be free. The announcement said that 350,000 SIM cards will be distributed each month across the country.

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