February 18, 2018
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Proposal for mining permits in Chin State

Photo: Khonumthung

U Kyaw Nyein, the Chin State Minister of Forestry and Mines told Mizzima that a proposal seeking mining work permits in Chin State will be submitted to the Union Government.

The state government together with private companies have discovered the presence of metals in 9 townships of Chin State. Thereafter, a proposal for work permits were submitted to Union Government in early 2013. However, no response has been received till date. They will re-apply for the work permits.

U Kyaw Nyein said that copper and aluminum were discovered after an exploration experiment. He added that mining will alleviate poverty in Chin State.

“Minerals were discovered in Chin State. The Union Government should allow mineral extraction. We will resubmit our proposal to the Union Government to undertake mining research in eight townships. With an aim to reduce poverty in Chin State, we plan to allow local companies to take up mineral extraction”, said U Kyaw Nyein.

The state government has discovered metal in 8 townships of Chin State. Only Htantalan Township has not had an exploration experiment yet.

Local companies will be allowed to work in 8 townships including Tiddin, Falam and Kanpetlet, once the work permits to extract metals in Chin State are granted.

“None of the Ministry of Mines offices are based in Chin State. There are no industries and factories either. There are only weaving and cattle breeding in the state. If mining is permitted in Chin State, it will support regional development sectors”, he added.

U Win Htein the Director General of the Ministry of Mines said that Ministry of Mines does not have branch offices in every states and divisions. The department is allowed to open branches only after approval of the Union Government. It can only arrange the Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration to carry out metal exploration research.

He added that confirmation regarding the opening of a Ministry of Mines branch office and whether there is any mineral to be extracted in Chin State, cannot be made before proper investigation.

According to the Constitution, only the Union Government has the right to make mining laws and taxes will be paid directly to the Union Government.  

The area of Chin State is 13906.07 square miles and it has a population of about 571760 people.

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